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​At Queen City Propane, we make it our mission to provide high quality and reliable services and propane in Cincinnati Ohio, Louisville, KY and Indiana, and to build long lasting relationships with customers based on our commitment to offering the best.

Queen City Propane is a family owned and operated Cincinnati propane company. The company was founded by Mike Peterman in 1995. Mike realized the need for a reliable and trustworthy propane service company in the tri-state area. Having been in the business for almost eight years, Queen Service Propane has established itself as a leading provider of propane and propane equipment.

Why Use Queen City Propane?
Queen City Propane supplies super clean propane HD-5. The team of highly trained technicians specializes in all aspects of residential, commercial and industrial propane services. We are 24-hour service and operate locally, not nationally. We offer superior customer services and reliability. We also offer a very competitive pricing as well as flexible payment and delivery options. 

What Is Propane?
Propane is versatile, convenient and economical as a fuel for vehicles and appliances (such as water heaters, furnaces, ranges etc.).

Also known as Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), propane is an energy resource that can substantially reduce our dependence on foreign oil. Almost 80 percent of propane is produced right here, in the United States. 

Propane is environmentally friendly, clean burning and non-toxic. Propane evaporates quickly without contaminating the ground water or soil if released unintentionally. Propane also has a 97 percent energy efficiency rating making it the ideal fuel choice of the future. 

Cost effective and environmentally friendly, propane can be used in cars, trucks and other vehicles. Lower emissions, great mileage and increased life span of engines are just some of the advantages of using propane.

Save your planet and your money by switching to propane.

Call us today to learn more about our Ohio, Kentucky & Indiana propane company.

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